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Mouse Tricks You Should Know

15 Mouse Tricks You Should Know

The computer mouse is an essential tool for navigating through the digital world. While most of us are familiar with basic mouse operations, numerous hidden tricks can significantly enhance our productivity and efficiency. This article will explore 15 mouse tricks to help you become a more proficient user and streamline your daily computing tasks.

Scroll Smoothing:

Hold the “Shift” key while scrolling with the mouse wheel to enable smooth scrolling when browsing lengthy web pages or documents. This feature provides a more controlled and comfortable scrolling experience.

Middle Click Magic:

The often underutilized middle mouse button can do wonders. Open links in a new tab by clicking the link with the middle mouse button. Additionally, clicking on a tab with the middle button will close it instantly, saving you the hassle of searching for the tiny “X” button.

Back and Forward Navigation:

Save time when browsing the web by utilizing the side buttons on your mouse (if available). Pressing the forward button takes you to the next page, while the back button allows you to return to the previous page.

Drag and Drop Alternatives:

Instead of the traditional drag-and-drop method to move files, try using the “Cut” and “Paste” commands after selecting the file. Right-click on the file, select “Cut,” navigate to the destination folder, right-click, and select “Paste.”

Snap Windows with the Mouse:

Maximize your real estate screen by dragging any window to the top of the screen with your mouse. Similarly, dragging a window to either side of the screen will automatically resize it to fill half the screen.

Zoom In and Out:

While browsing or working on images, hold down the “Ctrl” key and scroll up or down with the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, respectively.

Master the Right-Click Menu:

Right-clicking on files, folders, or even selected text opens a contextual menu with various useful options. Explore this menu to discover shortcuts for everyday tasks like renaming, copying, and pasting.

Switch Tabs with Ease:

If you have multiple tabs open in your browser, hold down the “Ctrl” key and scroll the mouse wheel up or down to switch between tabs effortlessly.

Text Selection Tricks:

Highlight entire paragraphs by triple-clicking on a word within the paragraph. Double-click and drag the mouse to select words or sentences for more precise selection.

Access the Task View:

In Windows 10, activate the “Task View” feature by clicking the mouse wheel on an empty taskbar area. This lets you view all open windows and create virtual desktops for better organization.

Quick Access to Start Menu:

Right-click the Start button on Windows to open a context menu with useful shortcuts like Control Panel, Device Manager, and Task Manager.

Image and Text Capture:

Snip tool users can skip a step by pressing “Ctrl” + “Print Screen” to directly capture and save a screenshot to the clipboard, ready for pasting into an image editor.

Shake to Minimize:

If your screen is cluttered with open windows, click and hold on the title bar of the window you want to keep open, then shake the mouse quickly to minimize all other open windows.

Scroll Without Scrolling:

Hover your mouse over any window, even if it’s not focused, and use the mouse wheel to scroll without clicking on it first.

Customize Mouse Settings:

Explore your computer’s settings to customize mouse behavior further. Adjust the pointer speed, button assignments, and scroll speed to suit your preferences and work style.


Mastering these 15 mouse tricks will boost your productivity and efficiency while navigating the digital realm. Whether browsing the web, managing files, or multitasking, these mouse tricks are bound to save you time and make your computing experience smoother and more enjoyable. So, go ahead and give them a try to take your mouse skills to the next level!

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