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How To Mirror Android To TV

How To Mirror Android To TV

Mirroring your Android to TV means displaying the screen of your Android device on your TV. It allows you to view and interact with your Android device’s apps, games, videos, photos, and other content on a larger display. Many modern smart TVs support screen mirroring protocols such as Miracast or Google Cast.

If you want to play your favorite game on a bigger screen and want to know how to mirror Android to TV? Don’t worry we have a solution to your every question.  Moreover, After reading the whole article you will be able to Mirror your Android to your TV with zero delay. There are many methods by which you can mirror your Android. Let’s talk about some of them.

First of all, both the TV and the Android device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for this to work. Additionally, there are also third-party apps available on the Google Play Store that enable screen mirroring between Android devices and TVs. Moreover, these apps often utilize Wi-Fi or DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) protocols for mirroring.

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Best Method For Screen Mirroring – Android to TV

When it comes to screen mirroring, the “best” method can vary depending on your specific needs and the devices you have. Firstly, if you have a compatible device, Miracast is a good option for wireless screen mirroring. Secondly, if you need to stream media files, DLNA is a good option. Additionally, if you have Apple devices, AirPlay is a good option. Lastly, if you need a wired connection, an HDMI cable or USB-C to HDMI adapter is a good option.

How to Mirror Android to TV

Wireless Screen Mirroring  

Wireless screen mirroring means showing what’s on your phone or computer screen on a bigger screen like a TV or projector without using cables. Miracast is a popular way to wirelessly show your phone or tablet screen on a TV or projector. It lets you connect your Android device directly to a Miracast-enabled TV or other devices using Wi-Fi. You can then share videos, pictures, and other content from your device on the larger screen.

Chrome Cast

Chromecast is a device developed by Google that allows you to stream content from your smartphone, tablet, or computer to your TV. It is a small dongle that plugs into the HDMI port of your TV, and it uses Wi-Fi to connect to your device and display content on the TV screen. Additionally, You can cast or mirror a wide range of content, including videos, movies, TV shows, music, photos, and even web pages, from various apps and websites.

Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps for screen mirroring are applications developed by independent developers or companies that offer screen mirroring functionality for devices that may not have built-in mirroring capabilities or for users who prefer alternative methods. Here are some Popular apps

●       Google Home

●       AirScreen

●       Apower Mirroe

●       Mirroring 360

●       Screen Stream

Benefits Of Screen Mirroring – Android to TV

By mirroring your device’s screen onto a larger display, such as a TV or projector, you can enjoy the content, such as videos, movies, and games, on a bigger and more immersive screen. It enhances the viewing experience, making it more enjoyable and engaging. Wireless screen mirroring eliminates the need for cables and wires, providing convenience and mobility.

You can move freely with your device while still controlling and displaying content on the larger screen, making it more flexible and user-friendly. Screen mirroring allows you to multi-task effectively. It enhances gaming experiences by allowing you to play mobile games on a larger screen. Moreover, it makes gaming more enjoyable and immersive.


How do I cast without chrome cast?

By using third-party apps you can cast.

How do I know whether my TV is able to Screen Mirroring?

By going to the setting of your TV you can check it.

Can I mirror my iPhone to a TV?

Yes, you can connect it by using third Party Apps.


In conclusion, hope your main question about how to mirror Android to TV is clear. There are several methods available to mirror an Android device to a TV. The most common and convenient way is through wireless screen mirroring. To mirror Android to a TV wirelessly, ensure that both the Android device and the TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Furthermore, If your Android device and TV support it, you can use a physical connection like an HDMI cable, Slimport/MHL adapter, or USB-to-HDMI converter to establish a direct connection between the devices. This method provides a reliable and stable connection, although it may limit mobility compared to wireless options.

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